In February 2022, I made a post on social media warning about the dire consequences of COVID-19. In this, I also wrote that because of this, I had the same morning liquidates my entire equity investment portfolio held since 2009. A few days later, I announced that I had gone short equites. As they were bottoming out later, I argued that people should buy back their equity portfolios, as well as silver and platinum.

It so happened that the business editor f one of Denmark’s leading publishers followed all these posts, so he called me and asked if I could write a book for “normal people” about how I invest and what everyone should know. To try a new approach, I dictated the book within 9 days and then spent a few weeks tidying up the manuscript. Perhaps because I kept all chapters short and to the point, and perhaps because dictation made my language flow better, the book became the national bestseller in September – entirely based on pre-orders and thus even before it was released. It remained the nations´ best-selling book for a number of weeks after its release and the publisher is now looking for international publishing agreements for it.