Lars Tvede

I am a Danish national residing in Switzerland where I make my living as financial advisor, author and investor.

After graduating at age 23 and 24 from two universities with a Master’s Degree in engineering and a Bachelor’s in Business Economics respectively, I discovered which work I really like:

  • I love financial trading and investment. This has evolved from an early taste when I was a teenager to a full time profession. As such I am mainly a so-called macro-investor focusing on big-picture trades in forex, commodities, precious metals, equities, and bonds. I am also an asset allocator with a preference for private equity/hedge fund style investments.
  • I give advice about asset allocation and corporate strategy to various companies; mainly in the finance and technology spaces.
  • I have co-founded and seed funded various companies in the property, finance and software spaces over the years. However, I no longer invest directly in start-ups.
  • Finally, I enjoy digging into complexity, finding structure and essence, and then describing it. That is why I write books from time to time.

When I don’t work, I pursue my hobbies with friends and family. These are skiing, sailing, scuba diving, and collecting Italian sports cars plus music and wine; roughly in that order.